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Big Rain Team


Bird & I started the day in the swells of the rain having to find cover the minute we got to the spot. Dried off, unpacked, first cast nice smallie on a fresh hooked shad crankbait we found on the ground & then a longnose on another crank followed by another smallie. Rider showed up a little later bagging a smallie of his own & a healthy buffalo. Nate's Custom Bates hybrid vibe was the lure of the day, put both Trevy & I both onto two different species. Easily my favorite lure in the box.

Always much love to our boys at Hamilton Bait & Tackle @hamiltonbait

Hot colors are shad, chartreuse, red

Bird with the 12" smallmouth & 17" longnose gar

Steego with the 15 1/4" smallmouth & 18" smallmouth buffalo

Jobi with a 15" smallie & 15lb 25" channel cat



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